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Europe Moving Tips

Moving overseas is never a simple, cut and dry, task. There are plenty of things that could go wrong, and you need to be prepared for anything that might happen. At the same time, moving to some place like Europe can be a very rewarding experience as well. As long as you have all of your bases covered, living abroad can be one of the best times in your life. In order to help you make this transition, here are the top ten tips our experts recommend. Keeping these things in mind will not only make your move simpler, but it will help you get settled faster so that you can enjoy your new residence.

  1. Finances First - Always make sure that you sort out your financial backing before you plan and prepare to move to Europe. Many countries require that you bring a certain balance into the country with you, especially if you plan on living there for a long time. Make sure that you meet these requirements before contacting any international moving services.
  2. Visas – Each European country has its own requirements for working, living, and going to school within their borders. Make sure that you are aware of these requirements, and that you apply for the right type of visa for the country you plan on living in.
  3. What you Leave Behind - You should keep in mind that you do not have to take everything that you own with you. You can easily secure storage in the US borders for a small fee, and save yourself the trouble of lugging it overseas with you. Make sure to keep an inventory and take the time to record where everything is in the event that someone else has to send you something from your storage area.
  4. Insurance – Getting insurance is important when you are moving to a new country. Often times, the new country is not willing to take your medical care on themselves and you should be self sufficient enough to cover emergencies or illnesses that happen to come up.
  5. Identification and Licensure - It is vital that you are aware of the license requirements for working and driving in the country where you will be moving to. While countries like Britain accept legal driver’s licenses from any country or state, other countries in Europe do not.
  6. Appliances and Adapters - Make sure that you know where you are moving to, and if adapters will be required in order to run the appliances or items that you will be bringings with you. While some residences will come with the same electric plugs that you are used to, other places will not.
  7. Sort out Legal Affairs - It is vital that you plan and prepare for anything that might happen along the way. Make sure that you set up a power of attorney, and that you have your legal documents lined up before leaving for a new place.
  8. Take Something from Home – It is always nice to have some little things from home to share with your new friends and co-workers. They are sure to appreciate these small things when you give them out.
  9. Health and Wellness – Make sure that you get your health checked out before you go anywhere. This is vital, as you may be subjected to new illnesses or diseases throughout your move and life in Europe. Also, you will need health records to get into most countries, so this is very important.
  10. Letters of Recommendation – Make sure that you get letters from your bosses, teachers, or friends that attest to you and your goals and character. While officials and employers in a new country do not have to take these, they may be helpful when looking for a job or applying for work permits in a new country.

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